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Hardwood Flooring Stains, Hardwood Floor Stain, Wood Floor Finish

Hardwood Flooring Stains, Hardwood Floor Stain, Wood Floor Stain
The wood floor finish company
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Hardwood Flooring Stains, Hardwood Floor Stain, Wood Floor Stain Swedish Finish For Pros
Two-component, acid-cured
? For use in high-traffic residential and commercial areas
? Two hour dry time
? Available in Matte, Semi Gloss, and Gloss

SF-735 - MATTE
SF-790 - GLOSS

Technical Data:
USES: Precision Swedish Finish For Pros is a two-component, alcohol-based finish designed for use in high traffic residential and commercial areas. Precision Swedish Finish For Pros is simple to apply and dries quickly ( 2 to 3 hours). In most applications only two coats are required; therefore, your floor-finishing job can be easily completed in one day. Precision Swedish Finish For Pros is available in Matte, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss levels.

Prior to applying Precision Swedish Finish For Pros, turn off all ignition sources including pilot lights, heaters, fans, and electrical equipment. Ventilate work and adjacent areas to prevent vapor build up. Vapors may travel and collect in confined and low areas such as basements. Use only in well ventilated areas. Always wear a NIOSH/MSHA respirator approved for use with organic solvent vapors. DO NOT EAT, DRINK, OR SMOKE during application. DO NOT store in unlabeled bottles or other containers.

Allow finish to dry for at least 2 hours between coats.
DO NOT apply below 60?F or above 90?F
Test product on unfamiliar species of wood before use.
Keep containers closed when not in use.
Never vary the amount of Super Hardener added.
DO NOT use mineral spirits, paint thinner or commercially prepared tack cloth.

MIXING WITH HARDENER: Shake container well before adding Precision Super Hardener to disperse additives evenly. Inspect bottom of container to ensure that all additives are dispersed. Pour into an appropriate clean plastic application container. Slowly add Precision Super Hardener from the graduated hardener container while stirring Precision Swedish Finish For Pros. If the correct amount of Precision Super Hardener is not added, the Precision Swedish Finish For Pros will not cure. Stir in hardener for 60 seconds. Allow to stand 5 to 10 minutes before applying. Stir occasionally during application. Mix enough product for only one coat. Mixed product may not be usable the next day.

APPLICATION AND COVERAGE: Precision Swedish Finish For Pros may be applied using a natural bristle brush, lambs wool applicator, short nap mohair roller, or T-bar applicator. Apply at the rate of 300 to 400 square feet per gallon with brush or lambs wool and at a rate of 450 to 550 square feet with the roller or T-bar applicator. For best results, the product and the room temperature should be between 60?F to 80?F during application and drying. Apply Precision
Swedish Finish For Pros from wall to wall following the grain of the wood being careful not to overwork the product always keeping a wet edge. When dry, screen with a used 100 grit or finer screen. Hand sand all areas not reached by machine. Vacuum floor thoroughly and tack with a cloth dampened with denatured alcohol, lacquer thinner, or water. Provide adequate ventilation during the tacking process. Apply second coat in the same manner as the first coat.
Additional coats may be applied for more protection. Do not apply more than two coats the same day. Only recoat floors that have been previously coated with Precision Swedish Finish For Pros. Can be applied over Precision Penetrating Seal & Stains. All other stains should be tested for compatibility.

DRYING TIME AND RECOAT APPLICATION: Allow finish to dry at least 2 hours. Temperature and humidity may slow down drying process.

CLEAN UP: Clean tools and applicator with lacquer thinner.

MAINTENANCE: Clean floors regularly by vacuuming to remove grit. Clean as needed with Precision Wood / Laminate Floor Cleaner. DO NOT use cleaning products or water within two weeks of final coat.

Quart 12/Cases, includes 12 - 1.6 oz net Precision Super Hardener
Gallon 4/Case, includes 4 - 6.25 oz net Precision Super Hardener
2.5 Gallon 2/Case, includes 2 - 15.625 oz net Precision Super Hardener

INGREDIENTS: Contains: Petroleum distillates, alcohols, glycol ethers, and alkyd/urea formaldehyde resin. DENSITY: 7.8 lb/gL SPECIFIC GRAVITY: .935
VOC with HARDENER: 4.544 lb/gl (545 gm/l) BOILING POINT: 165?F SOLIDS: 42% VAPOR DENSITY: Heavier than Air
FLASH POINT: 53?F (38?C) PERCENT VOLATILE BY WEIGHT: Approximately 58% FLAMMABILITY CLASSIFICATION: Flammable liquid and vapor
STORAGE: Avoid heat and open flames, poor ventilation, corrosives. Store between 50?F and 90?F FREEZE /THAW: Stable




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