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Hardwood Flooring Co. specializes in wholesale finished hardwood flooring including precision crafted solid oak flooring, heart pine & wide plank pine flooring, premium residential finished hardwood flooring and superior finished hardwood sports flooring solutions.

New! Introduction of our New Earth Friendly Collection, E-Series By PG Model.

E by Model is a series combining innate beauty and exceptional quality. The natural appearance of this series enhances the rich grain and characteristics inherent in the species, highlighting the stamp of time on this living material to which a contemporary touch has been added. 

Aware of human impact on the environment, Model developed the E Series (E for Earth) to please consumers, yet remain environmentally friendly. Each board in the E Series by Model is made from an FSC-certified tree or controlled sources originating from well managed Canadian forests. Now consumers can grace their homes and businesses with ecological flooring.

The E-Series by Model uses hard maple with 85% of the boards consisting of quarter cut wood.

This unique collection is sure to please at first glance!

PG & Model offers the largest choice of woods stains, also available; Classic Collection, M Series, C Series, shown below.

PG & Model
Classic Collection

This collection involves 10 different species, more than 12 stains, three grades and four gloss finishes for a total of : more than 1700 possibilities.


Wholesale Finished Hardwood Flooring - PG Model Classic Collection


M Series hardwood floor by Model?
Inspired by the most creative designers of this era, the M Series by Model offers flooring choices to discerning amateurs of new trends in keeping with their expectations. 

The M Series by Model combines a natural product, organic material and high-tech assembly with the colors of tomorrow. Purchasers seeking the comfort associated with hiving will revel in this new collection that allows them to develop a ?sanctuary? of their own. 

Welcome to the world of the M Series by Model, because the style is you.

Wholesale Finished Hardwood Flooring - PG Model M Series


C Series hardwood floor by Model?
Inspired by materials formed over time by the sea and the wind, this collection reflects the colors of nature. Combining simplicity with purity, C by Model will allow those seeking tranquility and exclusivity to find themselves in the midst of new and unlimited horizons.

Influenced by the aura of Province and the Mediterranean, a C by Model floor is a perfect match for natural tissues like linen, cotton or hemp, for neutral-colored walls and for bright accessories. Through light, C by Model reproduces in infinite detail the many colors in the prism of life. 

Opening a window to the sea or a breeze-swept field, or perhaps a courtyard family dinner, C by Model creates an aura where time and space become a rare and precious memento, far from the noise of the city.

Wholesale Finished Hardwood Flooring - PG Model C Series


S Series hardwood floor by Model?

S by Model is the very first series of hardwood flooring to feature quality photo prints offered in three collections: Kids by Model, Perso and Logo.

The principle behind this collection is simple. Choose your flooring from among any of Model's existing collections, including vibrant M by Model, glowing C by Model or any possible combination of the Classic Collection by Model. Provide the image of your choice and Model will print the quantity of boards needed for your project.

Wholesale Finished Hardwood Flooring - PG Model S Series

Authentic Pine Floors Inc
Wholesale Pine Flooring, Wholesale Plank Pine Flooring
Authentic Pine Floors Inc.
Wholesale Finished Heart Pine 

& Wholesale Wide Plank Pine Flooring

Offering unparalleled customer service, the highest standards of grade selection and consistent milling processes, Authentic Pine Floors Inc. features an extensive finished hardwood flooring product line including heart pine, wide planks and long lengths. Quality products and service are assured from monitoring moisture levels to expert technical support. Products are harvested in America, conveniently packaged and shipped and are fair and consistently priced. Contact Hardwood Flooring Co. for product details.



Wholesale Century Hardwood Flooring, Wholesale Finished Hardwood Flooring
Wholesale Century Hardwood Flooring
Precision Crafted & Finished
Solid Oak Flooring

Blending precision craftsmanship with cutting edge technology, Century Finished Hardwood Flooring creates the finest solid oak flooring you will find anywhere that will endure for centuries.

Starting with the finest hand selected lumber that is milled using precision engineering to guarantee a perfect snug fit, Century then finishes their high end flooring with their exclusive CenturySeal  process creating the highest quality and beautiful solid oak finished flooring to be found anywhere.

Contact Hardwood Flooring Co. for wholesale flooring product details and pricing.











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