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Atlantis Waterbased Polyurethane
? State-of-the-art floor protection for all types of wood floors
? Same ease-of-application as traditional oil based polyurethanes
? Quick drying with low odor like waterbased finishes
? Available in Matte, Semi Gloss, and Gloss
WP-635 - MATTE
WP-690 - GLOSS

Technical Data:
USES: ATLANTIS Waterbased Polyurethane, the latest generation of one-component, waterbased wood floor finishes. The content is 100% urethane. The flow and leveling are similar to traditional, oil-based polyurethane while offering the odor and quick-drying advantages of waterbased products. Available in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, and Matte.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Sand floor according to NWFA / NOFMA specifications. Fill all cracks and holes with Precision Full Trowel Wood Filler or Precision Wood Patch. Natural finished floors should not be sanded finer than 100 grit sandpaper or screen. For stained floors: Sand and edge with 100 grit sandpaper, then hand sand edges using 60 or 80 grit sandpaper. Vacuum the entire floor as well as the adjoining areas. Sanded floors should be tacked with a lint-free cotton cloth. Repeat until all dust is removed. Block off any direct sources of sunlight hitting the floor. Seal the floor according to label directions using Precision SmoothSeal Waterbased Finish or Precision Penetrating Seal & Stain in selected colors. Stains other than Precision must be tested for compatibility. DO NOT apply ATLANTIS Waterbased Polyurethane over floors sealed with wax, non-drying oils, shellac or stearated sealers.

Maintain floor with routine vacuuming and Precision Wood / Laminate Floor Spray Cleaner according to directions.
Use felt floor protectors under all furniture.
DO NOT use cleaner for two weeks after final coat.
Wait 24 hours before allowing light traffic on final coat.

MIXING: Shake container well until finish is evenly dispersed. Let container stand 10 minutes while bubbles disperse. Occasionally stir finish or rock container during application.

APPLICATION TOOLS AND COVERAGE: For best results, the room and the product should be between 60?F to 80?F. ATLANTIS Waterbased Polyurethane can be applied with a nylon brush, synthetic applicator, paint pad, or T-bar applicator at the spread rate of 450 to 550 square feet per gallon. Allow to dry at least 3 to 6 hours* or overnight before applying the next coat. Always abrade between coats.
* NOTE: Low temperatures, high humidity, as well as cool damp conditions will retard drying. Warm up area to recommended temperature or allow extra drying time.
T-BAR APPLICATION: Pour a 4" bead of material the length of the floor. Cut in the side with a paint pad. Pull the sealer in a snowplow method from end-to-end in the room. Always work with the grain of the wood. Swivel the applicator when 6" from the baseboard and stop in line with the finish bead or puddle. Rock the applicator to remove excess product then feather the turn mark. It is important to feather out all turn and stop marks. Coat the edges at the end of the room after the body of the floor. Touch up ends as you coat across the floor to feather out applicator stop marks. Edging prior to coating the field could result in picture framing (additional film). Add product as needed to maintain a uniform product bead. By changing the angle of the applicator head, the product can be repositioned to maintain a wet edge without pouring out excess material. The speed of walking during the application and the weight of the applicator can and will affect the thickness of material left on the floor. Continue this procedure across the floor and reduce the size of the bead as you near the exit from the room. When dry, abade with a used 150 grit (or finer) screen or abrasive pad with fine sandpaper strips. Be sure to hand sand all areas not reached with machine. Vacuum floor thoroughly and tack with a lint-free cotton cloth dampened with water. Apply the next coat of ATLANTIS Waterbased Polyurethane. For high traffic areas, screen as above and apply additional coats (3 to 4 coats recommended). DO NOT APPLY MORE THAN 2 COATS THE SAME DAY (sealer and/or finish).

CLEAN UP: Clean applicators and equipment using soap and water.

RECOATING EXISTING FLOORS: Clean the floor with Precision Wood / Laminate Floor Spray Cleaner according to label instructions. Abrade old finish with 100 to 120 grit screen. Prepare and apply additional coats of ATLANTIS Waterbased Polyurethane as previously instructed. Adhesion pretesting is required for floors which may have wax, oils, etc.

PACKAGING: Gallon 4/Case

INGREDIENTS: Contains:Polyurethane dispersion, N-methyl-2-Pyrrolidinone, N,N-Dimethylethanolamine, glycol ethers, propylene glycol.
SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 1.03 (8.54 lb/gl) VOC: 2.5 lb/gl (<296 gm/l) BOILING RANGE: 192?- 396?F VAPOR DENSITY: Heavier than Air
FLASH POINT: >200?F % SOLIDS: 30-32



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